Do You Need A Family Law Solicitor During Separation From Your Spouse?

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Ending a marital union is not usually done on a whim. Thus, when you choose to have a separation with your spouse, it is likely that the issues you are experiencing are deep-rooted and will need time to either resolve or dissolve the marriage. However, if children are involved, separation can prove to be difficult for both you and your kids. While most people are aware they need the expertise of a family lawyer when going through a divorce, not many people think of the assistance that a solicitor can provide during separation. And without the legal expertise of this professional, the separation and eventual divorce could prove to be acrimonious. If you would like to open up channels of communication and potentially have an amicable divorce, consider the following reasons why you need a family law solicitor during the separation from your spouse.

A family law solicitor will defend your rights to see your children

The end of a marriage can be highly emotional for both parties. And if you chose to walk away from the union, there is the chance that your spouse may want to punish you by preventing you from having access to your children, which can only aggravate the relationship between the two of you. Having a family lawyer on your side during the separation period can go a long way in preventing this from happening.

First, your lawyer will know what legal channels they can pursue when it comes to you sharing the custody over your children while the divorce is pending. If your former spouse is basing their refusal for you to see your kids on preposterous grounds, your lawyer can challenge their refusal legally too. Lastly, if you and your spouse agree on how often you can see your kids, your lawyer can facilitate the drafting of a binding contract to adhere to until the divorce proceedings are underway.

A family law solicitor will help you save on legal fees

Not many people believe that a family lawyer will help them save money, let alone on their legal fees. However, you could be surprised that it will be more affordable for you in the long run if you hired this professional during the separation period. When it comes to matters relating to shared custody, it is always in the best interests of the kids to settle these matters out of court. A lawyer can help you come up with a fair arrangement that ensures both parents have equal rights to the children. Failure to agree means having a judge settle the arrangement for you, which translates into court costs that will inflate the cost of the eventual divorce.